Hidden Meadows Ranch

Spokane, Washington


Northlands Candy - "She just flows to whatever you want to do. Few weeks off and saddled and daughter just gets on. No problem. Sweet Candy. Thanks Linda" 2014

"We purchased Jessie [sired by Lee Bar Jae] from Craig [Hidden Meadows Ranch] 15 years ago. She has been a blessing and a wonderful addition to our family. She is naturally gated, reminiscent of the bygone Appalossa. Her temperament is solid and easy. We love her." - Roxanne

Bella [sired by Lee Bar Jae and purchased from Hidden Meadows Ranch] is owned by Deb Flanagan.

"Dan had Red Baby [left - sired by Lee Bar Jae and purchased from Hidden Meadows Ranch] in a clinic this weekend. She gets everyone's attention. Dan has done an excellent job with her. She is so soft and handy.... She will be dragging calves to the fire this spring at the brandings around here." - Eryn Calobeer, February, 2012

Photo update: Red Baby working cattle October, 2012


"Well Annie [sorrel - sired by Less Bar Jae and purchased from Hidden Meadows Ranch] is almost two!!! Figured I would give you guys another update. She's doing great. She has spent the winter with another young horse rough housing and running. She is so easy to work with and comes running when she hears me call her. She is taping out at 15 hands already!!" - Jessica Wenning, March 5, 2012

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