Hidden Meadows Ranch

Spokane, Washington

Equine Excellence

The horses we raise at Hidden Meadows Ranch are the fulfillment of a long-held belief and a dream realized: much of the most influential blood in Quarter Horses can be traced to the Thoroughbreds - a judicious infusion of Thoroughbred blood can still help produce superior horses. Our stallion, Lee Bar Jae, is truly one of the most royally bred Quarter Horses in the Pacific Northwest. Along with his top conformation and athletic ability, he possesses a most extraordinarily sweet and kind disposition. Above all, he has consistently passed his disposition on to his offspring.

Over the years, we have carefully selected a small band of Thoroughbred brood mares, registering them in the appendix of the A.Q.H.A. In our selection of mares, superb disposition has been the paramount consideration. The result is crop after crop of superior young horses - superior in all the important aspects: conformation, athletic ability, versatility and, above all, disposition.

By the time a Hidden Meadows colt or filly is ready to make their way in the world, every effort and consideration has been given to their preparation. We personally handle our foals from the time they are born. They spend their summers in spacious meadows, not confining paddocks. All manner of ground training is provided to each individual. Be they weanlings, yearlings or two year olds, Hidden Meadows horses will possess all the manners and skills one would expect from a top prospect ... For whatever career they are destined to pursue.

Hidden Meadows horses hold the top places in our own "string". When you visit us, your can see not only Lee Bar Jae and his band of mares, but mature examples of his get as well. We are also pleased to provide, upon request, a growing list of references - horsemen and horsewomen who treasure their Hidden Meadows Ranch horses.

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